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Tulip Kurdi is a creator based in New York City. Living in New York has allowed her to admire and absorb the diversity of the city’s intersecting cultures and aesthetics. Through her travels Tulip has engaged with a world of design, art and fashion, adding to the global sensibilities woven into her work.

Drawing on these experiences and passions Tulip artfully blends together different materials to create original and vibrant high fashion hair accessories and turbans. Each piece is hand-folded and wrapped and most of her pieces are gem-flocked with sapphire, pearls, coral, turquoise, silver and gold.

Tulip’s Syrian, Turkish, and Kurdish roots are evident in her work, which draws on the rich textile and design legacy of those two cultures. Tulip hopes that through her designs she can share the passion she has for beautiful patterns, gem-stones, and textile in order to have the owner of each piece feel as precious as the gems they wear.