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The Value of Headwear

The same way that plants bud flowers atop their stems, or trees sprout crowns of leaves, people take great pride and make great beauty of their headwear. The love for headdress has especially been true of women; it has always been an essential component of our presentation.

Whether for a big event for which you’ll want a more formal look, or a chic everyday outfit, our heads and hair can define our looks. For me, headwear is one of the most crucial elements for self-expression in fashion and such an easy way to take care of your style without worrying about your hair. It’s a beautiful and unique way to make sure you always look good without all the effort.

This project started after my failed attempts to find turbans that were chic, high-end, affordable, modern and could serve me for everyday functions just as well as they might a special occasion. I decided to create pieces that worked for me instead of fruitlessly searching for them. I began making a couple for myself and after wearing them out and about, friends and strangers alike began to compliment my pieces and asked where they might be able to find similar products themselves. I knew I had found something I not only cared about deeply, but could share with others.

My turbans are for women of all ages and tastes; from fashion enthusiasts who like minimalist or plainer looks, to those who enjoy vibrant, attention-grabbing styles, to people that prefer to accessories with jewels, pearls and patterns will all be able to find a piece for themselves in my collection. Headpieces are a splendid kind of accessory that can transform any kind of look; they elevate more casual looks, like jeans and a t-shirt and compliment more sumptuous, elegant outfits.

I really focus on creating lavish turbans and luxury accessories that are inspired by the vintage traditions normally employed in making such pieces but still modern in design. Think of headwear as an easy way to accentuate your hairstyle, and take a moment to browse through the gallery of works to see if there is anything that works for you and your look!


– Tulip Kurdi


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